City Hall public meeting – Saturday 11th March 2017

The local team now responsible for the running of the City Hall will be holding a public meeting on Saturday 11th March 2017.

Where else would the meeting take place but in the City Hall of course and kick off is 2.00pm.

There will be refreshments for everyone who comes along and we’re hoping to have some entertainment for the kids too. They’re as much part of the City Hall as anyone is.

There’s going to be lots more information coming out about this meeting over the next few weeks but make a note on your calendar now and join us.

We’re planning on bringing the people of Brechin right up to date with all the progress that’s been made since the City Hall passed over into community ownership on the 1st of June this year. There’s been a huge amount achieved so far and we’re not nearly finished yet.

So come along and hear what’s been happening, what’s planned and what you can do to help and support the City Hall to make sure it continues to thrive in the heart of our city.