General News

It’s all about the numbers!

On the 1st of June 2016 Brechin’s much loved City Hall went over into community ownership and subsequently Brechin City Hall Users Group was formed.

The group of willing volunteers have worked hard to improve the cleanliness of the hall whilst promoting it as a venue to be used for a host of different events. We’ve only just scratched the surface!

We have however had a look back over our booking schedule since we took over the management of the hall on the 1st of June and we’re pleased to share with you that over 1,000 hours have been booked and we have had almost 11,000 people through the front doors of the City Hall.

We think that’s a huge success and we’ll be working hard to increase those numbers going forward!

Thanks to all the community groups, one off events and to the Brechin public for your ongoing, continued support.