The City Hall goes Green with its Recycling

How we use and dispose of plastic has been hitting the headlines recently following on from the BBC documentary series, ‘Blue Planet’. Lots of us are trying to be more careful over what we put in the bin and what single use plastics we consume. At Brechin City Hall we’re no different.

Just like at homes across Angus, we sort our rubbish into general waste and mixed recycling, it’s amazing how much can be put into the recycling bin.


We recently put up some new signage to make it clearer which bins to use for different kinds of waste and make it easier to locate our recycling bins.

It’s not very glamorous but we want to do our bit to help cut down on the amount of rubbish going to landfill.

We’re always open to new ideas so if you think of a way we can be more efficient then get in touch!


New recycling signage