A day of Great films on 16th June!

Brechin Community Cinema Project’s next offering is truly a day of Great films.


First up is the all time classic the Great Escape, a belting film. Sure we’ve all seen it on the small screen but who has seen it as it was intended – on the BIG screen? Bring your dad, uncle, grandad and treat them on this Father’s Day weekend to the Great Escape on an 18 foot screen. Screening starts at 2.30pm.


This is then followed up with the Greatest Showman – the singalong version!  It will have the lyrics and the bouncing ball to aid the singing along part. Screening starts at 7.00pm.


The usual ticket prices apply and all tickets are bought on the door on the day.


Come on Brechin, lets get behind our Community Cinema Project and the volunteers who give up their time to bring us these wonderful film offerings!