The Dream Team?!

As most of you will be aware Brechin City Hall has been in community stewardship for over a year now. The group of volunteers who work tirelessly to keep the hall clean, tidy and open for business put in a huge amount of work behind the scenes.


Tonight, we once again had a group of regular volunteers in cleaning the hall. She’s a big old lady to clean so it takes a lot of hard work and effort to keep her shipshape.


As the photo below shows, we have all ages helping out – some are more keen than others and some appear (by this photo) to be working harder than others too! LOL. In all seriousness all the volunteers do a fantastic job.


If you’ve got any hours to spare and you feel you could offer some help to our volunteer cleaners we’d love to hear from you. Cleans take place in the afternoon and in the evenings as many of our volunteers work full time. Any time you could give to the upkeep of our local City Hall would be really appreciated.



Whistle while we clean!