Are you looking for a workout with a difference?

Are you looking to get more active?   Are you looking for a workout with a difference?


BCHUG could have the very thing for you!   We have a small group of volunteers who give up what time they can to help keep the hall clean and tidy.   Not everyone can commit the same level of time but each volunteer comes along when they can and mucks in where they can.


You don’t need to be super fit.  It doesn’t take a huge amount of effort to use a mop or a feather duster but given the size of the City Hall it does take a bit of time!


So, if you’d like to do a workout with a difference whilst helping a very worthy community group at the same time, give it some thought.   If you’re interested and would like to join our small, but merry band, then please drop us an email via our website or message us on Facebook.


The more volunteers we can muster the better!